Oh hey!!

So if you haven’t already, check out my about me. It should give you a taste of who I am, who I want to become.. My goals, ambitions.. la di da. I’ll try to post daily. Different day, different adventure. I’ll post pictures, quotes, songs anything and everything.

Warning: The content of this nature is rated MA, for mature audiences. If you’re under eighteen and are just looking around, I appreciate you reading, but this may not be the blog for you. Most posts, if not all, will have explicit content.. IE: foul language. Reader’s discretion advised. You have been warned! =)

And here we go!!
I just recently got out of a relationship.. It was well overdue. Honestly, just the best breath of fresh air I can inhale. It was bad timing, bad circumstances, just the whole nine yards. Now don’t get me wrong, the guy is wonderful. Just not for me; but he will be for someone else, and that makes me truly happy! We both have tried mending each others broken hearts at seperate times, but once all the pieces of the puzzle are together, and the moment you take it apart and put it in in the box, the puzzle is just not as exciting the second time around. And that’s what we got sucked into.

Our relationship was never the greatest.. We never officially got back together after the first break up, but continued to see each other, and kept things swinging (if ya know what I mean). That should have never happened in the first place. I wasn’t happy with him. I don’t think he was happy with me. I felt pressured to be with him because I knew he was there, and he was comfortable.. Please ladies, and gents, NEVER EVER settle for anthing less than you deserve. It’s not worth yours or their time. If you deserve more, and your FRIENDS tell you, you deserve more.. Please listen to them. They’re your friends for a reason, and they can see your true emotions, even when you, yourself cannot. I will admit I was 100% wrong. I was seeking advice and refusing to do anything about it, until the frustrations captivated me and my friends, to a point where a great friend of mine didn’t want to talk to me. Reason why.. I was lying to myself. All talk and no play. I was choosing to be unhappy and uncomfortable in a relationship because that’s what I had known for so long. Take it froma girl who just struggled through it.. If you have to lie to yourself about the realtionship you’re currently in, because you think it’s going to get better, but you know in your heart it won’t. It’s really not the best idea to keep hanging on. Both of you have other opportunities to be happy.

So in conclusion.. There are plenty of other people out there. No need to rush, just live your life. What happens, happens and that’s how I choose to live. “Sometimes you just gotta let shit go and say to ‘hell with it’ and move on”. – Eminem