The small things are the greatest wonders in the world. They create the best memories, and should be cherished throughout ones life. My philosophy in life, is to stop worrying about the big things, and enjoy the magic of all things small. It is the days that define your life. Take pictures, turn an unlucky penny into a lucky one, give a dollar to a charity, sit by a waterfall and ponder about all things healthy in your life. Rid any bad, and I promise you it makes for a better person in each and every one of us.

So how does one go about enjoying life? Start with the small..

1. Appreciate Beauty – Beauty comes to us in all different shapes and forms. We’ve all become so accustomed to what beauty is to each eye, but we don’t sit back and really think about what beauty is. People, plants, buildings, cars, streets.. It doesn’t matter how nice or how poor one object may look, that person, plant or building is beautiful in its own life form. Too often we take beauty for granted and don’t see the real “beauty” behind the walls. Everything on this planet was put here for a reason.. We all (human or non human) have a purpose here. It’s really a beautiful thing if you think about it. So next time you come across a gravel road with one flower sticking up… take a moment to appreciate that flower and the gravel road.

2. Connect with Nature – It’s amazing what nature can do for one’s body, mind and soul. Nature is really an escape.. Quiet, breathtaking, beautiful.. My “safe haven” or escape is a tucked away “island”.. Picnic tables lay under a canopy surrounded by a man made lake and waterfalls.. I sit down next to the water and breathe everything in. The fish dance in the water, and it’s pitch black out, seeing nothing but the moon and few stars above. It’s rather peaceful, and keeps me sane. Not too many people know about this place, and few have ever tagged along.. It will always remain my safe haven.. Enjoy the little things. Trust me.

3. Laugh – Never be too busy to laugh, or too serious to smile. Instead, surround yourself with fun people and don’t get caught up in your own sense of importance. Always remember to laugh.

4. Connect with People – It is our relationship with people that really give us the full benefit of happiness in life. Enjoy the people around you. Put a smile on your face, and brighten not only your day, but someone else’s as well.

5. Learn – Take the time to appreciate what you know, and stimulate your brain to learn what you don’t.

6. Celebrate your successes and approach your challenges – Work hard to be successful in your challenges. Once a success, no longer a challenge!

7. Just be yourself. Do what makes you happy, and learn to enjoy the everyday wonders life brings into your life. Life is truly a beautiful thing. Value it for as long as you can.

A person will always remember the little things! “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” – Robert Brault

KL =)