People suck. Flat out suck. Maybe I’m too nice, too naive.. I give too many people opportunities to walk all over me. I can hide the pain I endure very well. About 95% of the time I fake a smile.. Make people believe I’m happy, but really I’m hurt inside. The smallest things bother me.. Especially when I do things for others, and they treat me like shit.

So many people tell me to not let people bother me, or get to me.. but that’s not who I am. EVERYTHING gets to me. Maybe this is why I can’t keep a relationship or friendship with anyone.

I do believe that for some reason karma has it out for me and the life I’m living right now is part of it’s evil game.. I honestly believe that the way people treat me is all my fault and I deserve it all.

Don’t feel sorry for me.. I don’t need apologies. But what I do want is too much to ask for. So for now, I’m fine holding everything in. I don’t need to bring people down because of my thoughts and feelings. I’m fine being unhappy and uncertain.. It’s a routine thing for me.