I’m what you would call Kaitlin. According to Urban Dictionary Kaitlin means “A supreme being on the planet whose origins are unknown. Significantly good appearance, and works well with other’s in it’s class (sorry to interrupt – but I’m not an it UD.. K thanks!) Native to the areas of the Mid West. This particular species (particular species? I go from it, to particular species…. ehh okay) doesn’t possess the ability to attack it’s (her) prey, because it’s (she’s) too soft in the heart. A sweet specimen, kind and generous, not easily angered, and a calm spirit. Works well with the Ryan specimens.” We can just scratch that last sentence. This isn’t match.com, my luck with Ryan’s isn’t very solid UD. Other than that, the definition is scary accurate..

Beginning Life:

I was born at night on all hallows eve.. (Halloween.. just in case.. uhh you know).. Most people overreact when I tell them that with “O” face like expressions (kidding) and the odd but dumb questions of “What? No way” and “How do you like that”? Well to answer your questions readers.. Yes way! It says so on my birth certificate and how do I like it? Umm it’s my birthday, always has been my birthday, celebrate it every year, just like every other normal human being.. What makes it special is.. well, people dress up, and go door to door for candy. I still, at nineteen years old dress up (minus my nineteenth birthday) and go to parties or throw my own. So ya, I guess it’s alright! 🙂

I was born in Arizona. It’s almost like hell, reaching 110 – 113 degrees at the peak of the summer. I’ve lived here my entire life and I’m pretty much used to heat she brings…well, kind of. Not sure why everyone always moves here then complains about the heat. You will get used to it, it’s tolerable, sometimes not comfortable, but that’s why everyone over here on the west side have killer tan lines. Then, there’s me =/ Ask anyone who knows me – I am white. Like toss me in a blanket of snow and you’ll be looking for me for days white.. See, I come from a line of ethnicities that scream WHITE.. I am a pigment of light almost. My mom’s family is Scandinavian (Danes (Denmark), Norwegian (Norway), Icelandic, Gaelic and Swedes (Sweden). My dad’s side has some Polish, Welsh and Scottish.. The wee lads. My last name happens to be Ladd (the surname orginated from the Scandinavian countries and took part in the Invasion of France.. in other terms the Anglo Saxons.) There’s your history lesson for everyone out there.

Quick note on family.. I’m the youngest of three. I have an older brother and sister. Both are married. One has two kids, the other a newlywed. I have a dog named Kalea (Hawaiian for bright) and live with both parents. They recently celebrated their 28th year anniversary! Congrats mom and dad! P.S. I call my mom mambo. So if you come across that term, it’s in reference to her!

Let’s see.. What else? Music defines my life (cliche.. I know). I’m always fist pumping, rocking out, or dancing to something or other. I don’t have a specific genre of music I listen to. Being a dancer for ten years, I’ve heard quite the variety. Since the age of four, I’ve been involved in gymnastics, tumbling, karate, track, cross country and dance. Never really got involved in sports much; outside of those fuckers. My parents enrolled me in a private charter school during my preschool years. The school specialized in gymnastics, so that’s how I got started in that. I was the best of my class in rope climbing and uneven bars. I bet I can still honor that title (ya right). Next came karate. I believe I made it to four belts and quit after that. I took up track and cross country in elementary school through junior high. I placed third, fourth and fifth. (Ehh, not impressive.. but at that age I was hauling ass). I joined dance and tumbling at the same time. Started at a studio, went there for two years and a half focusing on tumbling, but enrolled in a few dance classes as well. I left the studio after a teacher I had, opened her own studio in downtown Gilbert. (HUGE mistake.. but you live and learn) I took my tumbling elsewhere and enrolled at AZ Olympian Gymnastics. What a bitch of a workout that was. Between Nazi like gym teachers, back flipping into foam fits and doing stunts on trampolines and springboards.. on top of doing ten to twelve hour weeks of dance at my studio, preparing for competitions, parades, and shows.. spending money out the wazzoo (sp) buying costumes, monthly tuition for both places, trying to stay on top of things between tumbling, dance and school.. I was overwhelmed… and only at thirteen years old. I finally dropped tumbling and used that to improve with my dance. I continued dancing through highschool and finally stopped altogether just this past year. The bones can’t take it anymore.. Being anemic, the lack of iron was just too much for the time I was putting into dance, and not putting into my diet. It was a fun journey, and I still choreograph every once in a while.

And to bring you up to date on things.. I graduated high school in 2010. Started college as a Biology major and decided to change it to Sociology and International Relations. I’m working towards two foreign languages. One in Spanish, other undecided.. Possibly Arabic, since my focus is counterintelligance and terrorism. (Yikes..) I work as a server and have a few wonderful friends there. My blog posts will mostly be about my day, thoughts, feelings, friends… whatever I desire. Please feel free to leave comments or subscribe. Ask questions, tell me stories, leave feedback. All is appreciated.

Just FYI. All persons in writing will not be named in posts. For their sake and mine. There names will be changed or not used at all!!


KL =)